Why do girls do pole dancing?

Just as polo can't have anything to do with sexuality, it can also be extremely sexual.

Pole dancing allows

women to connect more closely with their bodies, helping them to express their sexuality on their own terms. This better understanding of their bodies leads to greater enjoyment in those bodies. Many women have proudly told me that their sex life has improved after they started pole dancing.

And that's not necessarily because they've learned moves that their partners find exciting. They're more likely to ask for what they want in bed and less likely to be encouraged by what they don't want. They're also more comfortable with their bodies, which is always a useful quality in the bedroom. Pole dancing as a physical activity is good because it allows women to take charge of their sexuality and is a physical challenge.

I don't know, I've seen some pole routines that seem better suited for Cirque du Soleil, not really for a strip club. She believes that pole dancing is an athletic art form that is both a physical challenge and an emotional healing. There's a big difference, at least for me, when I see women exercising pole dancing and pole dancing as a means to being sexy. However, I find it interesting that women are only attracted to this art form that requires an incredible amount of strength and flexibility because society has considered it sexy and daring, due to the reputation of the stripper pole.

To say that it is not sexual is to try to eliminate pole dancing from its origins, which implicitly embarrasses women who undress for a living. Nor did they allow women who pole danced professionally to participate in classes (whether they were teaching or receiving instruction). Irmingard is a pole dance instructor and performer based in New York with experience in gymnastics and theater. A “poler” even created a meme in which he stated that LAWC did not work with prostituted women, that they worked in strip clubs or that they danced at the pole.

One of the first recorded pole dances was in Oregon, USA. In the USA, in 1968, and after that, it is believed that the trend of pole dancing began in Canada in the 1980s. Since she started pole dancing, she has learned to care less about the opinions of others about her body and feels that it is more important to love herself. While many believe that pole dancing requires a slim body, that narrative is being challenged as more and more plus-size women participate.

With jumps and jumps, which are sometimes performed with two or more artists and sticks, today there is a great mix between Chinese circus performances with a pole and those of Cirque Du Soleil. I think the fact that pole dancing is great for strength and flexibility AND that the stigma is disappearing is a good thing. She is a blogger and contributor to United Pole Artists, where she helps cover the pole dance industry.