What skills do you need for pole dancing?

If you prefer a more intense workout, this could be perfect for you. Barbell sports focus on intensive exercises, mastery of technique, difficulty and physical strength. Because of this, the choreography consists mainly of acrobatics with very few dance movements. It's also a good place to start learning if you plan to compete in the future.

Even so, he says, you don't need to be in shape or be very strong to see progress and benefit from pole fitness. Strength is crucial to pole performance, and you all know that I could talk angrily about the importance of strength training for pole. Even the strength of Thor and Hercules combined won't make you a good pole dancer if you don't have a thorough understanding of the bar's movement patterns and the ability to use that force efficiently. These are just a few of the physical, mental and psychological benefits of pole dancing for beginners.

Your pole studio may have connections with one or more competition organizations and, once again, an Internet search for pole competitions is your best source of research. When exercising with sticks, the cane itself is 40 millimeters in diameter or more and can be static or rotatable (most current models can normally be configured either way). In addition to being designed for performance and fitness, modern pole dancing is also a competitive sport. Competitive pole dancing or pole fitness is a test of artistic skill and skill, with choreographed routines, mandatory movements and an evaluation system based on performance, art and degree of difficulty.

In addition, the International Polo Sports Federation, which calls itself the governing body of pole sports, focuses on standardizing competition and including pole sports in the Olympic Games, a long and complicated process. That's why your instructor will refuse to teach you a fonji in the eighth week of your beginner polo track and that's why I think all pole athletes should develop their overall strength (in the gym) in order to be better, safer and more resilient in the long term. Approaches to pole range from blatantly erotic styles to those that minimize exotic aspects and leave out pleasures, a popular brand of 6-8 inch platform heels worn by many practitioners. On YouTube, a behind-the-scenes video of the superstar actress and dancer dominating the cane tells a different story, one of muscle aches and unpleasant bruises, and practice, practice, practice.

Athletes generally move between two poles, one static and the other rotating, making the transition with floor work and dancing. Professional pole dancers with many, many years of practice under their belt have achieved this level of mastery with all the different aspects of pole dancing, not only in hundreds of individual tricks and turns, but also in all the different transitions, grips and points of contact with the skin, allowing them to make combinations that seem simple and elegant. The United States Pole Dance Federation (USPDF) is recognized as the oldest pole dance organization, but there are several more to choose from, such as the Pole Championships Series, which celebrates its world championship at the Arnold Sports Festival, and the OG Pole Classic, produced by Grishina at the IFBB Olympia Weekend. As an organized sport, pole fitness now shares the stage with professional bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini competitions.