Is pole dancing the hardest sport?

Pole dancing is one of the most physically challenging exercises you can do, according to experts. Any pole dancer will tell you that they run into stripper jokes almost as soon as they reveal their hobby. However, barbell exercise requires that you wear little clothing to perform moves and tricks, rather than looking sexy. The most experienced pole athletes seem to be incredibly stylish, as they take advantage of momentum and control to make visually appealing and eye-catching turns around the pole.

The “rainbow marchenko”, the “iron-x” and the “handless jade” are tricks with sticks that require practice and hard work, whether in a training studio, in a men's club or on a travel stick with palm trees behind you. It's not recommended to wear loose clothing or long tights to attend this class, as you'll want your knees, calves, and ankles to be able to maintain tension with the cane. No matter what size you are, after a year of regular barbell work, it's almost certain that your body will become noticeably stronger and more toned than ever. A lot of pole dancers admit to having stronger and weaker skills in this sport, and I think that's something quite unique.

When someone opened the door to go to the bathroom, I took a look at the fitness room with poles. I challenge any rugby boy to try to get up 5 feet off the ground with the metal pole tightening painfully and twisting to the sides, all with elegance and class and a big smile on their faces. When you start learning double-pole movements (which consists of two people doing a pole routine together, in case it's not clear enough), you literally have to trust your life to your partner. Since pole dancing encompasses a variety of skills, it has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my fitness level.

Pole dancing dates back to the 12th century in India and was originally practiced mainly by men, not women. Watching someone else do it may make it seem easy to the untrained eye, but you have to point with your toes, keep the cane at a specific point between your knees, keep your shoulders down, maintain a calm facial expression and increase in height as you climb. There's nothing more satisfying than being able to maintain incredible positions on the pole while your friends look at you in amazement. Pole sports may conjure up images of sexy dancing in skimpy heels and outfits, but it's actually a long way from that.