Does pole dancing hurt your legs?

An unspoken aspect of pole dancing is the stinging sensation on the inside of the skin known as a “bar burn”. This is especially common for beginners in the inner thighs and in the upper inner part of the bicep. In short, the answer is yes, pole dancing stops hurting. Avoid doing anything that aggravates the pain and activities that involve stretching above your head.

Another common injury suffered by pole dancers is bruises. Sometimes, students arrive at class and their legs are black and blue; we call them bar kisses. While pole dancing has a darker association as an exploitative occupation, there are women with chronic pain who have found (and developed) a new love for their bodies, incredible strength to control pain, and a sense of community in this empowerment exercise. Most beginners will experience it for the first time when they learn to sit with a pole or climb a step, which will leave beautiful bruises on the inside of their thighs and on the top of their feet.

When I went to dance classes, I never felt like I fit in because I have a lot of tattoos and bulky muscles. Regardless of their origin, those who participate in pole dancing, whether as an art, sport, hobby, profession or training, should be able to do so without being judged. That's why you should be very careful with the pressure you apply to the back of your knee in barbell tricks. Bruises from pole dancing, friction burns and muscle aches are just a few of the things you'll face along your pole trip.

Similarly, there are pole dancers who can barely touch the pole without feeling pain at first. Aspirin is an anticoagulant, so bruises on your poles will take longer to heal if you're taking aspirin. Blisters are very unpleasant and can shorten your training with a cane, as you could end up being totally unable to grasp the cane without suffering agony. You know that you should fully and completely rest from the pole during your recovery period, as you may not be able to continue in the event of a severe muscle tear.

It's also wise to take precautions, such as using a protective mat designed for pole dancing (like this one, from Amazon), always having an observer and not overdoing it. The people who are most reluctant to enter their studio and try pole dancing tend to benefit the most from it. Ryker characterizes his dance as a lyrical style and says that the community is impressed by his routines. A time-tested remedy for these polar kisses is arnica gel, which can help alleviate the pain and visual signs of bruising.

I've done some research and these are the 7 most common muscle injuries caused by pole dancing that I've seen reported.